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Item 650

Minimum Charge for Low Density Freight (Note1)

Issue Date: 9/12/2018 (2nd revised)
Effective Date: 10/12/2018
Expiration Date:

A. Cubic Capacity and Density.

  1. Any shipment which has an average density of less than 6 pounds per cubic foot, and requires or occupies 750 cubic feet or more, will be subject to the minimum charge as stated in C below.

B. Density Calculation

  1. Density is determined per item 110 Sec 8, Sec 8 (a), and Sec8 (b) of STB NMF 100 series. A vertical dimension of ninety six (96) inches shall be used to determine the cube of any article, which cannot be top loaded because of:
    1. The nature of the article, or irregular shape on top.
    2. Packaging or lack of packaging used.
    3. Palletization in a pyramided, rounded, or topped off manner, or exceeding 60” in height.
    4. Specific instructions from the shipper on the bill of lading to the effect that no other freight is to be loaded on top of the article or pallet.
    5. When a bulkhead has been constructed in a DUBL vehicle.
  2. Width dimension will be calculated at 84 inches for pallets for articles exceeding a width 54 inches or more when another like article or pallet cannot be loaded alongside, or when a bulkhead has been constructed in a DUBL vehicle.

  3. When a bulkhead has been constructed in DUBL’s vehicle the linear distance from the inside of the trailer to the portion nearest the rear of the trailer will be used to determine the length.

C. Minimum Charge

  1. Multiply the cubic feet of trailer space required, as specified in B above by 6 pounds per cubic foot to determine a constructed weight for the shipment. Then to this constructed weight apply class 125 rates with applicable discounts and base rates
  2. The provisions of item 171 (Bumping Clause) of the STF NMF 100 series will not apply in connection with the application of this item.
  3. Freight All Kinds (FAK), Exception Ratings or other reduced class rates and Commodity rates will not have application with this item.

D. Exclusions

The provisions of this item are not applicable:

  1. Where the otherwise applicable charges are greater than this rule.
  2. When Rates or Charges are determined by any unit of measurement other than weight.
  3. When Capacity Load Minimum Charge or Exclusive Vehicle provisions apply.
  4. When Truckload or Volume Rates or charges per vehicle or Trailer are applicable.

Note 1: For the purpose of applying this rule and charge, when two or more shipments are tendered to DUBL by the same Consignor, from the same place during one calendar day for delivery to the same consignee at one place and where remittance will be paid by the same payor, they will be considered one shipment.


Rules Tariff

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  17. Item 350 Detention Charges – Vehicles With Power Units
  18. Item 360 Detention – Vehicles Without Power Units
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  21. Item 420 Descriptions - Missing or Non Rateable
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  33. Item 575 Marking, Labeling, or Tagging Freight
  34. Item 585 Mixed Shipments - LTL
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  37. Item 650 Minimum Charge for Low Density Freight (Note1)
  38. Item 700 Pick-Up and Delivery Service
  39. Item 720 Pickup or Delivery Service – Before or After Hours, Saturday, Sunday or Holidays
  40. Item 730 Pickup and Delivery Service North Dakota
  41. Item 731 Pickup and Delivery Service Colorado, Wyoming
  42. Item 732 Pickup and Delivery Service Nebraska
  43. Item 740 Pick up or Delivery Service – High Congestion Area
  44. Item 750 Pick up or Delivery – Grocery Warehouse or Food Distribution Cente
  45. Item 770 Reconsignment or Diversion
  46. Item 790 Redelivery
  47. Item 800 Construction Site Pickup or Delivery
  48. Item 810 Residential Delivery or Pick-Up
  49. Item 811 Limited Access Locations
  50. Item 830 Exhibition Sites/Trade Shows Pickup or Delivery
  51. Item 870 Sorting, Segregating, Assembling or Recouping
  52. Item 880 Stop Offs - Loading/Unloading
  53. Item 885 Reweigh and Inspection Charges
  54. Item 890 Storage Charges
  55. Item 910 Pickup Requested, But Cancelled or not available
  56. Item 920 Pickup and Delivery Service Port Of Houston
  57. Item 930 Pick up or Delivery Service – Airports
  58. Item 950 Inactive Pricing provisions.

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